Choosing your DogChoosing your Dog

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So you think you need a dog, just for you? or for all the family. What will your life be like once you get your dog home. Have you got the time and energy for the Breed and character of your new pet? It needs to be a good match.

If so remember that this is a decision for life. Certainly for the dog’s and perhaps for yours too.

Do not forget that an Animal’s character is not just dependent on the type of breed, but this is part of the equation. Some breeders look to get a really good match between the Needs and capabilities of the new owner and the type of home it will go in to,

Dog breeders have many priorities for being in the business. For some it is purely to make money. These do not care about matching the Dog with the new owners situation or the needs of the new owner. Your new pet will probably have had its initial vaccinations and look ok.

Others want to Breed Champion Dogs and win all the best Dog shows, and some need the excitement of creating the best Working Dogs.

Allways go and visit the breeder that has the type and character of animal that you think will work well for your capabilities and needs. See the conditions it is its present home and “meet the mother” what is she like. Both physically and character.

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